Wednesday, April 23, 2008


When in Rome... well when in Ajijic you must go to the top for dinner. We went to the top near the Raquet Club for dinner at the most fabulous restaurant. Once you see this place you almost believe you have stepped back in time to the time of the Incas. The whole place looks like it is right in the middle of ruins... so beautiful. The food was excellent and for four people with drinks was... are you ready $75 USD... come on, this place was a bargain! Plus the Sunset was without question awsome!

We had a wonderful artist with us who is having an exibition at the Institute of Culture Mexicano North Americano in Guadalajara starting on Thursday. What a treat! We also had my wonderful friend Gereldine Solis with us from PV. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Friday, April 18, 2008


We started ut nwith the best of intentions, but only got two towns away.. They are very nice San Juan Cosala and Jocotepec. We took lots of pictures of the two squares and churches... They are putting new marinas in both towns.

We then went to Tequila Republic for dinner where Randy posted a new record - 8 - yes 8 marguritas... Thank God we were walking home.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tonala has got to be one of the most wonderful shopping cities in the world. Everyone in Mexico who has a shop goes toTonala to acquire all the goods that go into their wonderful shops. Even my brother-in-law. Kevan, who has a shop, Megellan Traders, in Tucson drives to Tonala,Mexico to shop for things for his store..

We shopped so much we had to go back to the car 3 times to unload...did we ever have some fun!

Tomorrow we are going to go exploring around the Lake. The Govnment is really cleaning up the lake and it is back to being pretty.

The days have been so nice for us and it is great having a base to relax in every night. We can't thank Brian and Barbara enough for making this such a wonderful adventure. Will post their picture later.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Arriving in Ajijic after a 5 1/2 hour drive from PV was great. Only missed one turn... not bad. We did not know what to except from our "exchange" couple, although we had met them in March at our house in PV. They stayed two weeks in our house in PV in Novewmber and we are now staying here for two weeks.

Their home is lovely... that is all I can say is lovely.... so many bright and beautiful colors, and they met us here with a lovely dinner and dessert. Such wonderful people.. they could not be nicer.

We are in the actual village of Ajijic and as you will see by the pictures we are walking distance to everything. Amazing place. Lots of great shops, good restaurants and friendly people.

We have been to Tonala twice now and bought all sorts of goodies... earrings for the Granddaughters and necklaces for them too and also for the Grandsons.. so much to do and we walk until I can not stand any more, then we stop for a beer... (that's for Randy). We did make it to Tlaquepaque today also, more stuff, different place and we may go back to Tonala tomorrow again just for fun (it is Market day)...I love this place.

Wish you could all share the adventure we are having, too much fun.

More Later

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life is Wonderful!

This town has so much going for it. One day we are invited to a wondful dinner at a Mexican Family's home and the next we are dining on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta with people who own million dollar penthouses... so much fun!

Randy and I have been just relaxing and doing something different and fun every day. It is hard to believe I don't have to go to work next week, next month or even next year... How cool is that?

I wish I could say I miss Washington at all, but the weather is still holding at 75-80 degrees every day and no rain and blue skies every day..

We leave for Lake Chapala on Friday, we will be staying for two weeks just to look around the area. We did a home exchange with a wonderful couple, Barbara and Brian..(cool people) and we are going to be living in their home while up there. They will be just down the block housesitting. We are going to have such a goooooood time..I love adventures.

If you send me your phone numbers to I can now call you on my SKYPE phone. It is only 2 cents a minute.

Love to all of you.
Janet - the authority on the Planet..