Sunday, May 25, 2008


I went fishing and had the time of my life, I have been fishing before, but this was an exceptional day and the waters and God were kind to me. Went with some of the guys from Isla Iguana, Captain Kevin Gonzalves (former Battallion Chief of the San Francisco Fire Dept), Mike Glenn, my best friends husband and our bait boy Luis, We started out at 7AM and came back at about 6:30PM... great day and great friends. The water was a smooth as glass and fishing was just too much fun.

I kept thinking about all the poor working folks and those that have 15 to 20 years to retire..then I went back to fishing and forgot all about that horrible stuff.

Life is good, but now I have to leave for Washington again on Thursday. I have almost forgotten what Rain is... I am sure that in Washington I will quickly get a lesson in Umbrella 101.

Love to all and a rememberance of my dear friend Judy Schneider who lost her battle with Cancer this week....

Janet from Another Planet!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vallarta getting Hotter

Back in Vallarta and the humidity and temps are going higher. Randy went home to Washington to pull weeds out of the yard and get ready to sell the house... Great house, lousy maket.

I stayed in Vallarta because, well... it is cold in Washington - Dah!

Went for a boat trip to Yalapa and had a lovely time today. Great day to be out on the water.
Went out with friends and had lunch on the beach.

Really am enjoying the extra stay here and looking forward to being here all Winter.