Monday, February 25, 2008

We are here at last!

If there is one thing you can count on in Mexico it is that the internet is not always there. It was hard enough to get the thing set up, but I have been trying for a week to get to this point.

We have already had fabulous dinners, great visits from friends and relaxing at its finest. The food is even better this year as I know I don't have to rush to come back to Washington. Weather has been perfect, sunny every day.

Randy went fishing yesterday with his son Tom and their friend Rick and caught a 125 lb Marlin.

Tonight is dinner with friends and drinks... I told you I am having a good time.

Will try to post pictures tomorrow if I can get this thing to work.

Miss you all, but won't come back to Washington till they pull me kicking and screaming out of here.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Most Wonderful

I think I should tell you I smiled all day! I worked the first 8 hours from 6AM-2 PM and then it was TIME TO PARTY!! Roz and Barb at work put together an amazing party, with food, and laughter and they even gave me a plaque... I was overwhelmed. How can I thank such lovely ladies for making my retirement a wonderful day. All my Railroad "kids" came and made my send off a happy one. I have enjoyed being the mother hen over my brood of Switchmen and Engineers. I will miss all of them.

I went home only to find another "Surprise Party" already in full swing... and I was simply amazed by the attendance. Overwhelmed is not overstating the entire day. Thanks go to so many I will send out personal cards by tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came to either party and I hope we see many in Puerto Vallarta.

Friday, February 15, 2008

One more get-up

Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for. At 3:45AM when I get up I will dress nicely as it will be the last day I have to truly go to work.

I was dumbfounded when I found out they were actually giving me a party! Me! I really thought there were not enough people that had noticed me in the 8 years I have been here. Suprise. I will try to post a picture after the party.

My husband is also giving me a party.. Another surprise... I don't know if I can handle the excitement. I keep hearing different people say that they will "see" me on Saturday... I am speechless. I can't believe all these people would spend their Saturday with me rather than at a good bar.

I will spend the the rest of my retirement trying to figure this out and thanking God that I have so many friends that want to spend my last day of work and the start of my new life with me.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

4 more shifts

Well, I am down to four more shifts. My last day will be Saturday February 16th and I guess Randy is having a party for me. I can't believe how fast this has day has come, and now I am cleaning my drawer down here at work.

We have the grandkids for 6 days while Kristen and Graham went snow boarding up at Whistler. It is a good opportunity to say good-by to the kids and get a few extra hugs.

Hope we see you regularly on our blog. I have a new computer coming and so I will try to put some good things on the site.

Till next time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Only 8 more times to get up

Randy and I are now down to my working 8 more shifts. The weather here has been icy cold and rainy. I have been training my replacement at work and feel confident that things will work out well there.

It is 77 degrees in Vallarta today and we are looking forward to stepping off that plane and having the heat seep into our bones...

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