Sunday, November 30, 2008


This living in the sun sometimes screws with your view of reality, you keep thinking it is June even when you are serving turkey to 50 guests... goble goble..

I was cooking from 7AM to 5PM (dinner was at 5PM) there were suppose to be 3 turkeys and two people making dressing (I was one of them) and only one making gravy (guess who). Well, I was the one who had her turkey done and ready to serve at 5PM, had enough stuffing for all concerned (and it was fabulous) and my gravy was super... needless to say I will NEVER volunteer for this much work ever again.... In the end we were cleaning the kitchen till after 11PM. We were the only ones with NO turkey, stuffing or gravy on Friday... and that just sucks!

Everyone coming from Isla Iguana invited their friends and brought salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and pies... I want to be one of these people next year... just bring a salad or a store bought pie! Guess I was the newby sucker this year.

We have gone out with friends on their boat, they are super people and everyone down here for the holiday were really great. Everyone is leaving today or tomorrow and going home, won't be back till Feb or March so the core of people here will weather out Christmas together...

I am decorating my Ficus tree on the patio for my Christmas tree. The pointsettias are fabulous down here and really cheap so there will be lots of them on the patio.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
Jan andRandy

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Randy and I are finally back in PV, Randy has gone fishing a couple times and has been successful each and every time. I joined a gym class and go every morning for an hour. m I am not going to lie.. I hate it so far, but I am sure I will get to like it. I go with a friend and come back completely exhausted.

Randy goes for his walks and he works like the energizer bunny every day (he just has not learned how to relax) We also have the pleasure of having Randy's friend Larry Schneider here for three weeks... he lost his wife in May and he is relaxing here in PV

The weather is fabulous and I am having a great time. Every day is Saturday and I am happy.
More later..